Around 15% of those in work in England have symptoms of a mental health problem. Worldwide, it is estimated 1bn people suffer from anxiety.


Our Mission

The InsideOut LeaderBoard is a charity registered in England, which operates with a mission of ending the stigma of mental ill-health in the workplace by creating a ripple effect of senior leaders who are willing to speak out about their own lived experience.

In my experience, there is a strong correlation between the authenticity of an organisation’s support and commitment and the willingness of staff to speak up. This is governed by how supported individuals feel and how visible, active and credible their most senior leaders are on this front.

– Jeremy Heywood, Former Cabinet Secretary

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What We Do

At the core of our work is the InsideOut LeaderBoard which celebrates each leader who has decided to be open, thus playing their part in smashing the stigma and helping others in their organisation speak out and seek help. We will grow the list each year, creating a ripple effect of more and more executives speaking out until it is as normal to talk about mental ill-health in the business world as it is to disclose a broken leg.

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