Mental health is one of the greatest causes of sickness absence in the UK


About Us

The InsideOut LeaderBoard is a registered charity in England. All funds are used to further our missions of ending the stigma of mental ill-health in the workplace and promoting best practice in relation to managing mental wellbeing.

Why We Exist

There has been a growing social movement around how we think and behave about mental ill-health. Significant progress has been made but we need more senior leaders to share their stories so that employees feel more comfortable in also speaking about mental ill-health. The InsideOut LeaderBoard exists to help achieve this by encouraging leaders to bring what is on the Inside. Out.

What We Do

At the core of our work, the InsideOut LeaderBoard which celebrates each leader who has decided to be open, thus playing their part in smashing the stigma and helping others in their organisation speak out and seek help. We will grow the list each year, creating a ripple effect of more and more executives speaking out until it is as normal to talk about mental ill-health in the business world as it is to disclose a broken leg.

Alongside the InsideOut LeaderBoard, we have a number of initiatives which use our role models to create further impact and help other organisations with their journey of smashing the stigma of mental ill-health in the workplace.

The InsideOut Wavemakers

The InsideOut Exhibition

InsideOut Charter

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