The InsideOut LeaderBoard® Exhibition


Combining the powerful medium of photography with that of storytelling to inspire further change, our exhibition showcases the portraits of our senior leader role models with powerful quotes from their stories and details of impact on their workplace and beyond. See a sample of it here.

The full exhibition is available for display at your workplace, exhibition or event and will provide a unique visual insight into the effect of senior leaders being open. We can also create a bespoke exhibition for you to showcase your senior leaders and other role models.

“Being open about my depression has allowed me to transform my own mental health. I am happier now than I have ever been. This process has also transformed the culture of Cicero to become open and transparent about mental health. Colleagues now talk about their own issues making it much easier to give people the support they need. This has helped the whole workforce, whether they have a mental health condition or not. As a business we are actually getting a reputation for talking about mental health which means we can now recruit talented people like Rob. He was the first person we hired who had an open conversation about his diagnosis as part of the recruitment process.”

Mark Twigg
Cicero Group
Executive Director

“I experienced terrible work related stress around the financial crisis involving two stints in The Priory. I realised how close I was to ending it all. By eventually being open on this was like lighting a fire that is still burning brightly – the culture at Coutts has seen a significant shift and people now reach out all the time and get the help they need.”

Miles Kean
Coutts & Co
Executive Director

“My wife, Amruta, dealt with anxiety and depression. Whilst going through it, we learnt that it is ok not have all the answers (or even the questions). The stigma of mental ill-health is much stronger in Asian cultures. Amruta has inspired and encouraged me to champion the mental health agenda in PwC and make a difference at work. We need more senior leader role models from the BME community who are prepared to speak out.”

Abhijay Jain

“Following a couple of miscarriages, one quite traumatic, I suffered with PTSD and became withdrawn, anxious and depressed. I was motivated to be open to break the silence surrounding miscarriage and baby loss. Sharing my story, my pain and my experiences with my colleagues, and even clients, has been incredibly therapeutic in itself. I believe being our true and authentic selves is the best gift we can give as leaders.”

Rachel Hewitt-Hall
Excel Communications
Managing Director

“I experience bipolar disorder. For many years I managed this condition under the radar due to stigma. We need more senior leaders being open about their lived experience of mental-ill health to help smash the stigma in our workplaces.  Anyone who speaks out about their challenges is a role model but our senior leaders can inspire real culture change by daring greatly and sharing their stories”

Rob Stephenson

Photography by Kenza Barton-Schlee, // Words from the InsideOut Role Models.

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