Poor mental health costs employers between £33 billion and £42 billion a year and the UK economy as whole, up to £99 billion

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2019 Panel

Sir Ian Cheshire

Chair, Heads Together

Stacy Thomson

Co-Founder, Thrive in the City


Sue Baker OBE

Global Director, Time To Change


Rose Grissell

Former Lead, This is me Camapign

Rob Stephenson

Founder, InsideOut






Lord Dennis Stevenson

Co-Author: The Stevenson/Farmer review 


Geoff McDonald

Co-Founder, Minds@Work

Data Protection: InsideOut Initiative CIC.  May retain your personal data (such as name, email, company and position) for the sole purpose of running the InsideOut List.  Should you wish to be removed from the database please contact list@inside-out.org.

Rules of Entry


  1. Nominations are strictly confidential. The list will be determined by our panel
  2. You may nominate yourself
  3. The Panel’s decision is final
  4. Employees and Family members of InsideOut Initiative CIC are not eligible for inclusion
  5. The promoter of the lists is InsideOut Initiative CIC



  1. The closing date for nominations is 31 December 2019
  2. Selection will conclude on 21 February 2020
  3. The List will be published on 18 March 2020



  1. Nominees will be executives working up to three levels from the CEO and be based in the UK and Ireland
  2. Executives will have experienced a period of significant mental ill-health that has effected their ability to do their job
  3. Nominess will be able to demonstrate recovery and management of their condition
  4. Nominees will demonstrate working towards greater openness in relation to mental ill-health in their business and be willing to speak out openly about their experiences
  5. For 2020, we will have a specific category for carer experience – where the senior leader has a family member who experiences mental ill health
  6. We will also have a category for “Ally experience” – for those leaders who are championing the mental health cause despite not having a diagnosis personally


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